Round 3: SOLD

Welcome to XRPC

Revolutionary Decentralised Arbitrage Trading Profit Platform

Round 4 Price will be $0.70
Total supply: 10,000,000
Round 3 sold - do not send your Ethereum until we tell you!
Total Registered Users: 28063
What is XRPC?

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  • Secure

  • Decentralized

  • Transparent

XRPC token technical specifications

Platform Ethereum Blockchain
Algorithm PoW
Symbol XRPC
Token name XRPC
Total supply 10,000,000 XRPC
Etherscan verified YES
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ICO funds use breakdown

Arbitrage 60%
Marketing & Development 30%
Research and Team 10%
How XRPC holders make money?

XRPC Wallets

Until we release our XRPC wallet there are two wallets recommended to manage your XRPC tokens. Watch XRPC token
Warning : Never use a third party wallet if it does not fully support adding ERC20 custom tokens.

Arbitrage Program

Live arbitrage performances :
aBOT- Investment Daily Profit Share No Locking Periods
$250 - No Limit Daily Profit Rates Vary No Locking Period
mBOT- Investment Profit Per Trade No Locking Periods
$500 - $100,000 Daily Profit Trade Rates Vary No Locking Periods
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BOT Fee Listing

For continued use of our BOTs you will receive fee discounts as shown below. (Average industry fee is 20%). Please note: You are never locked in to using our BOTs, giving you the freedom to withdraw your funds at any time.

BOT Fees Fee On Daily Profits
1-30 Days 3.0%
31-60 Days 2.9%
61-90 Days 2.8%
90+ Days 2.7%

Commission program

Level Commission Program Bonus Gold Commission Boost
1 5% More details soon...

Level ICO Commission Bonus Silver Commission Boost
1 10% More details soon...



About us

XRPC has been created by tech developers and bankers with extensive experience in trading & arbitrage. We are based in France and Singapore and also have marketing teams distributed across the world. We realize all financial transactions in the world are going to be revolutionized by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Based on these facts, we formed a tech and financial based team to create the most innovative platform available in the current marketplace.

We do not believe in MLM and we will never offer a MLM system. We also do not believe in paying profits with MLM - your profits will be 100% profit generated by our aBOT and not paid by other investor funds as in Ponzi schemes. XRPC arbitrage will not offer the same types of ROI as some MLM based systems, but we can guarantee our platform will run for 10x longer than any MLM based platforms.

You can trust us when we state XRPC has been designed to be the longest running arbitrage platform ever created.