Join our affiliate network !

We encourage and reward all promoters who want to promote the XRPC project. Here you will find the instructions needed to start promoting the XRPC project today.

By generating sales during the ICO, you can earn up to 10% in XRPC of the amount purchased ! Awesome !


We also provide you with effective advertising formats, to add them to your website or blog. Banners have click rates higher than 1% you can generate sales extremely fast! HTML5 banners are very easy to install!

Download HTML 5 banners

How to deal with these files and how integrate ads into my site ?

  1. Unzip the XRPC.rar file

  2. Open the XRPC unzipped folder with a code editor and search & replace the string "AFFILIATE_ID" with your affiliate ID if you don't have one yet, you can create one here :

  3. Move the XRPC folder to the root of your server.

  4. Call a banner like this :
    <iframe width="200" height="200"  src="" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

You don't have a website ? No problem !

You can create one affiliate tag even without website ! Please click on the following link to register :

Put this link anywhere you want.

You application will be reviewed & validated after a few hours

Then you will get an email confirmation with your affiliate link and you will be able to start promotion immediately, to check if your affiliate link is working please go to your affiliate link and you should see something something like this:

More informations coming soon ! Stay tuned on our channels ! BIG NEWS for our promoters !